celebrate the differences in your petals

Being a woman is one of the hardest jobs. We live in the
margins, and yet we’re responsible for producing so much.
We run companies, we hold powerful positions, we manage
households, and mother children. There isn’t a position
anywhere requiring as much as being a woman does. But
where much is required, much has been given because
women are capable. We are pictures of strength,
perseverance, and resilience. If I had a choice, I wouldn’t
choose to be anything else.
My journey becoming a woman is best described by my daily
mantra: go, even if it’s alone. You see, even though we’re all
women, we aren’t the same, in the slightest. And, I had to
realize and accept that my journey would often times force me
to go alone. My blossoming was my own; things that made
sense to me, may not to any other woman. Where I am going
in life, may not be the destination for any other woman. And,
the same is true for my level of understanding. And guess
what, it’s okay. That’s what makes us great. We can
individually shine without dimming the light of our sisters.
My advice to women out there…fall in love with yourself. And,
celebrate the differences in your petals. Woman, no one can
blossom like you blossom.

Laneshia Lamb is a writer, coach and discovery enthusiast; she prides herself on helping others identify and share their voices.  A writer since the age of 5, her childhood is where she discovered her own.  Laneshia creates web content, offers ghost-writing services, and contributes to several online platforms.  Her educational background in Finance and work experience as a manager has given her a broad base from which to create topics and curate relatable online content.  Learn more about how Laneshia Lamb uses her own experiences to help you discover your personal or professional voice.
Connect with her via @laneshialamb on all social media platforms.

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