set goals and strive for them.

While my journey has been anything but easy, I simply wouldn’t change it for the world. I’ve learned to accept people as they are, and to reject those who did not add to the positive space I was trying to cultivate. I worked tirelessly on becoming the “me” I wanted to be while including like minded women within my circle. I’ve learned to channel the energy that sometimes presents itself as anger due to the unjust struggles I continue to face daily as an African-Canadian woman. Art in many forms (music, dance, & makeup) has been my healer. Deciding to take on Makeup Artistry was not only a form of self fulfillment, but I knew I wanted to make a difference as it pertained to other women and their self esteem. During the last four years, freelancing as a Makeup Artist has taught me plenty about how others perceive not only the world but themselves, and found that many women (especially women of color) were finding it ever so difficult to assimilate to the ideologies of beauty painted by society. It was then that I knew I would cater to the eccentric woman who knew not how beautiful she really was.
As I continue on my journey to womanhood, I set goals and strive for them. I make plans and deadlines, remembering to cheer on my team and pat myself on the back after an accomplishment. I look forward to the next adventure and continue to push boundaries; keeping in mind that success is not prevalent without many failed attempts and doubt is not an option. I look to family and friends for a pick me up in times of need and ensure that I am the shoulder that they can lean on as well. Reaching your highest level of maturity means letting bygones be bygones and creating the space “you” want to live in. By that I mean to a certain degree, you are in charge of your surroundings and you get to choose the pathway to your road of success.
Omega Mighty

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