The journey into womanhood is an arduous one

The journey into womanhood is an arduous one, but it one that is divine in every way. Learning to love and embrace my femininity in its entire splendor in a world where feminine attributes can be considered weaknesses was my first step to being happy with the skin I’m in.  Women are taught that our emotions make us illogical, our nurturing makes us gullible, our beauty makes us dumb, our intelligence makes us ugly, our sensuality makes us loose, our lack of sensuality makes us fickle, and our tears make us weak. The process of breaking free from those crippling stereotypes is the hardest part of the journey. I had to learn to go against the grain and not believe what others thought I should be, but be who I wanted to be. I refused to allow the world to dictate my fate. I had to trust what I felt inside. When I was able to shut out the outside noise, and listen to my heart, this is when I began to reach maturity.

Growing up under the wing of a powerful mother made my journey a little easier because she taught me that I was beautiful, smart, and limitless; and I believed her! She made me see that beauty was way more than the way I looked, but it was the light of God that shined through me. She cultivated my passions and dared me to dream! People underestimate the power of speaking positivity into children. I was blessed to have someone who told me that I could fly when the world was trying to glue my feet to the ground. The two most important gifts she gave me were God and confidence.

My advice to all women is to learn to love yourself and trust that God has given you EVERYTHING you need to happily thrive the moment you were conceived. Know that being a woman is more than beauty, sensuality, birthing children, and loving men (although all of those things are wonderful). It is a pleasure and privilege. After all, we were the crescendo of God’s creation.

–Violette L. Meier, writer,


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